Grace of Gratitude


I feel the stardust in my bones. I revel in the magic of our very being – made from the vastness of the cosmos and the depths of the earth.

The sweetness of divine connection like
                                                a thousand points of light
                                                                                     in each and every cell.

The grace of gratitude moves through, and fills, every part of me.
My heart is open, crackling with the electric warmth of unconditional love pumping through every vein with each pulse.

                       It’s everything and nothing all at once.                        

The ecstasy of unconditional contentedness found in a single point of focus; the timelessness of the pause in the sacred space between breaths.

This is home.

Grace of Gratitude © Andrea Sugar 2018

me all caught up in sunlight


6 thoughts on “Grace of Gratitude

  1. i liked the everything and nothing all at once part….i’ve been told i’ve had had those kind of conversations about everything & nothing at all & all at the same time….i enjoy your writing..keep it coming there Sugar…


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